What do we do?


Our East Grinstead DROP-IN group currently meets on Sunday mornings approximately once a month, and is open to both experienced practitioners and absolute beginners.  We sit Zazen for 30 minutes; then we might listen to a dharma talk or study a text, and then have a discussion over tea and cake.



In the Buddhist tradition, the practices of meditation and ethical conduct mutually depend on each other.  As we continue to practice Zazen, beautiful conduct becomes something that we spontaneously want to practice; as we practice beautiful conduct, our sitting practice deepens.

But ethical conduct in Buddhism is not a matter of conquering  our messy human desires and emotions through an effort of will.  Rather, it asks that we work patiently and lovingly with our feelings, transforming our lives through the flow of our human experience.

Most years, the PRECEPTS GROUP meets monthly to explore together the ways in which our practice is expressed in our very real and everyday lives.  It is a closed group, i.e. once a group has begun, the same people work together through a cycle of the Precepts, so that a deeper level of trust amongst the group can support a deeper exploration of our own motivations and aspirations.

Please use the Contact form to register your interest in the next group.



In 2017-18 we ran a course of study of the “Six Perfections” — bases for character development in the Buddhist tradition.  You can read more about this in the blog post titled “Introduction to the Paramitas”.  LIke the Precepts group, the Paramitas study group is a closed group, i.e. the same people work together through the cycle of study.
This year (2019-20), we are working our way through Joan Sutherland’s marvellous commentary to the Vimalakirti Sutra.   This is an open group and you can join at any time.