Some basic and very accessible texts about Buddhism:

BUDDHISM WITHOUT BELIEFS by Stephen Batchelor        

ISBN 978-0- 7475-3843-1

CHAN BUDDHISM by Peter D. Hershock

ISBN 0-8248-2835-6

EVERYDAY ZEN by Charlotte Joko Beck

ISBN 978-0-7225-3435-9

TRAINING IN COMPASSION by Zoketsu Norman Fischer

ISBN 978-1-611-80-040-1

Some books about the Precepts:

WAKING UP TO WHAT YOU DO by Diane Rizzetto

ISBN 1-59030-342-3

GOOD LIFE by Cheri Huber

ISBN 0-9630784-2-9

BEING UPRIGHT by Reb Anderson

ISBN 978-1-930485-01-3