The pleasure of really looking

A lovely snippet from the Grauniad:  Rose Blake, the daughter of the artist Peter Blake, describing a family visit to David Hockney in Los Angeles when she was 11.  He took them on a choreographed tour through the mountains set to music and timed with the sunset:

“It was a totally sensory experience, a living work of art, and even as a child I was aware of this. It was about light, landscape, colour, music, time passing and, above all, the pleasure of really looking. Hockney believed in this pleasure more than anyone.   As we drove through the rolling hills he said: “Looking at the world is good for you. The world is very beautiful when you look at it.”   As the sun set and the music crescendoed, I realised this drive was about being alive, being in the moment and being a tiny human being in this big beautiful world.”

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